Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Liquid Sky Lacquer Swatches

Hello lovelies, I have some nail polishes to show you tonight.
Carolyn (@whimsicalcolor on IG) sent me these beauties to swatch and review.
Look at this cute packaging!
Beach Boardwalk is a flourescent orange milky with large pacific blue hex, neon pink hearts, medium bright green and small neon yellow hex.
This is two coats and top coat 
 Isn't it perfect for summer?
Under black light
Great White: is a light teal creamy/jelly base polish filled with different sizes and shapes of silver, black and white glitters! 
Light Up My Life: Large teal glitters, medium teal glitters,
medium black glitters, medium white glitter, small white glitter & black bars on a clear base.
Two coats over Zoya - Jacqueline 
"TGIF is a glitterbomb of blue micro flakies, fine blue hex, fine white hex, small gunmetal gray hex, medium lavender hex, small purple squares, large pink neon hex, medium neon green hex, white medium hex and rectangles."
I applied two coats over white, but this will look great over anything!!
The Depths of My Merlot is a raspberry jelly with small circle gold glitters, small black hexes...this is three coats and top coat.
Paradise Punch: A thermal holographic polish.
Orange when it is cold, when warm it's a lighter orange and when hot it's yellow.
 I used two coats by itself & top coat
Teal it like it is: A thermal holographic polish.
When cold it's a bright teal, and when warm/hot it's a light blue.
I used two coats and top coat.
Fuschia Illusion: is a thermal holographic polish.
It's purple when cold, and when warm/hot it turns fuschia!
This is two coats & top coat.
If you have been following me for a while you should know that I love to swatch nail polishes especially thermals and glitter bombs. These dry fast and for most of them only two coats was needed for opacity. They are gorgeous as you can see on these pictures.
For more info please follow Carolyn's IG: whimsicalcolor and here is the link to her shop: LiquidSkyLacquer Shop


Polished Pisces said...

I adore thermals!

Puzzle Polish said...

I ordered Paradise Punch, Fuchsia Illusion, and Margaritaville (the green thermal) several days ago!! I can't wait to get them!! Thermal holos??!! Be still my heart!!