Friday, July 5, 2013

Black Luna Lacquer Swatches

Helloooo everyone, it feels like forever since the last time I wrote here, I have some polishes to show you from (@blacklunalacquer on IG) are you ready?
Cat Eyes: Bright green creamy polish
 (I applied 3 coats + her Glossy Finish - Top Coat. This polish glows in the dark)
On the Rocks: jelly lime neon green with iridescent multi color glitter 
(I applied 3 coats by itself)
Ms. Independent: Sheer purple with multi color iridescent glitter 
(I applied 3 coats by itself)
Nightmare: Plum red with multi color glitter (I applied 2 coats by itself) 
Strawberry Field: Creamy pink with macro blue glitter
(I applied 2 coats + her Glossy Finish - Top Coat)
Paradise (Limited Edition): Cream based aqua with small multi color glitter. 
It glows under UV light (I applied 3 coats by itself)
Dragon Fire: Copper / Brown with macro gold and red glitter.
 (I applied 2 coats by itself) 
Kelly:  Cream based purple with macro iridescent glitter
 (I applied 2 coats + her Glossy Finish - Top Coat)
Chromelandia: smoky / chrome color with iridescent multi color glitter
(I applied 3 coats by itself)
Strawberry Daiquiri: bright, dark pink with a purple pearl like shine
and small iridescent glitter (I applied 3 coats by itself)
Patricks' Gold: Forest green with small square glitter
(I applied 2 coats + her UV Top Coat)
Here is the color above + the UV top coat, under black light 
and last but not least
Piña Colada: it goes on clear, but when charged with light
or a black light it glows. (2 coats over white)
Overall all of her nail polishes were easy to apply, the formula was great, not too thick, not too sheer. You can buy Black Lunar Lacquer Here
and also follow her on IG (@blacklunalacquer) for updates on her next restock
and other new nail polishes that are coming soon.

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