Friday, May 31, 2013

Pueen Cosmetics Review

Hello everyone, it's Friday!!
Today I received on the mail some studs, 3D bows & plates 25F from Pueen Cosmetics for review. I was very excited to try them when I saw them. A month ago I bought their 24E plates and I loved them, great quality & awesome designs.
I had to try some stuff tonight! On this mani I used plate: Pueen08, black studs & a 3D bow. It's not your everyday mani but it's indeed pretty!
I will use more of these studs & bows in the future they are so cute. I do recommend them, and they are inexpensive.
You can follow them on IG: @pueencosmetics and Facebook
You can find everything on this picture here: Pueen Shop
Good night!


Tonda said...

I love them!
IG MrsDare26

LuvMyLacquer said...

Loving those black studs! This is such a cool mani =)